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Welcome! We’re glad you stopped by.

You’ve landed in the world of Flutterbies, where magical things happen almost every day. Flutterbies occupy a fun corner of the Tracey Buchanan Studio, but they needed their own special place out there where you could visit and order on your own.

So, just what are Flutterbies and how do you say it?

Flutterbies are snippets of everyday life caught randomly out of the air – butterfly thoughts plucked from the blue...fluttering by. These watercolor and ink prints are whimsical heart-gifts, with illustrations that make you smile and words that make you think. Whether it’s a special relationship you want to celebrate or a quirky observation that tickles you, there’s a flutterbye hovering nearby. Flutterbies can be found in the laughs shared between old friends, the spark of a new love, or the simple smile of a kind gesture. These loveable and lighthearted note cards and water color prints make a simple and heartfelt gift.

I appreciate you taking the time to learn and explore the world of the Flutterbye. I hope that there are many special moments celebrated with the fluttering of a Flutterbye in your future!

If you would like to view and purchase Flutterbies, visit our online store. To continue to explore the Flutterbye journey, read our blog.

I look forward to sharing Flutterbye memories with you..



Kentucky Crafted Program In recognition of artistic excellence, Tracey Buchanan has been selected to participate in Kentucky Crafted, a program of the Kentucky Arts Council, the state arts agency, which is supported by state tax dollars and federal funding from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Nationally published author and artist Tracey D. Buchanan began her line of Flutterbies in 1997. She has created over 120 designs, with more springing into being every day. You may purchase them on this site or at one of our fine retailers’ shops.